The best way to become smart in this world is by reading. Get millions of books easily in the library and now with the advancement in the field of information technology, there are numerous free eBook Apps, which would enable a person to get tons of information and books online. Given below is a list of some apps, which would help a person to grow their intellectual base:


Read eBooks on Amazon Kindle


Amazon Kindle is becoming famous day by day. It is quite popular among the eBook apps. There are books of numerous genres and it would be easy to download the app. There is also an option to purchase the books that the reader wants to read. It can be an alternative to the Kindle Fire Tablet. The best part about this particular app is that it is available for both the Android and iOS users.


Read on Adiko


Users get the option of the free version and premium version. There is an access of free public library as well. This particular app is for those who would like to have a rich interface.


Read on iBooks if you have iOS


Customize the fonts and get this app by default if you are an iOS user. It would be quite elegant and classy. A user can select the mode according to their preferences.


Read on FB Reader


There is an option to support different file formats such as HTML, Doc, and much more. There is an option to download different kinds of books. There is also a customization option available for the users as well.


Read eBooks on Nook


This is another eBook app, which would enable the bookworms to read numerous eBooks. Books by Barnes and Noble are available here. There is a possibility to get access to the comics, newspapers, and magazines. There is the availability of PDF and epub and the overall interface would be user-friendly.


Read eBooks on Google Playbooks


Google is not behind in the race and has enabled the Google Playbooks for the Android users. This app is by default present. The users would be able to customize the reading books. Those who like can customize features like size of the font, color. There is a dictionary to get the grasp of difficult vocabulary and the download of the books is available for free and it would be quick for the user to do a purchase too.


Read and Write on Wattpad


It is a community of writers who read and criticize each other work as well, which can be an amazing opportunity for someone who wants to step into the world of writing. There is an access to numerous books free of charge for the readers. There is a possibility to sync the reading progress on the different devices.


Read on Goodreads


It is quite a popular community and the users get numerous free books. There are also paid books. Users can get the best recommendations on this particular app. especially because the voracious reader is always on the lookout for the most amazing books out there.


Read on Oodles eBook Reader


There is a treasure of 50,000 plus books available for the users. Based on the level of preferences, the users can select the books. There is also an option for customization. Most popular authors include Jane Austen and Agatha Christie and users are likely to get the feeling of reading a traditional book while using this particular app.


Read and get recommendations on Kobo


This particular app allows the reader to get recommendations from the social circle as they would be able to connect with them. There is the option of free and paid books on the online store of Kobo. It supports PDF, CBZ, and much more.


Final Words


Gone are the days when people would simply rely on the library card to get the books of their choice as now the world has advanced to such an extent that is now possible to read books from different corners of the world. People are reading numerous books as now they are accessible and the best part is, it is possible to get the books easily on the phone, which makes it easier for a person to read anywhere they want and like. There are a variety of books to choose from and people can even customize the font size and colors according to their preferences, which had not been possible in the past. Some of the apps also provide an option to read the magazines and newspapers, which can be a great option for some of the readers as they would love to get knowledge on what is going on in the era of modernization and information technology.