Drive Adult Traffic To Your Website

How To Drive Adult Traffic To Your Website



Want to start a porn site and you are worried about how you will get traffic? Worry no more, this passage will give you all the tips required for you to generate traffic to your adult website. The adult niche attracts millions of customers, therefore, enabling them to drive more traffic as compared to social media, movie and online shopping sites. However, the competition is high due to a large number of many different porn sites, and also most social networks restrict adult content. Therefore your site has to stand out and outdo the other sites. To drive adult traffic to your new website, below are the things you need to do.


Mobile Friendly

One, you need to go mobile. This simply means that you should ensure your site is accessible by mobile devices which implies that you will be getting traffic from both pc and mobile users. Therefore you should avoid flash or java. The most recommended design is the use of drop-down menus. Apart from that keep the layout user-friendly. Use scrolling menu bars to enable the content in your pages is as little as possible. Do not use pop-up windows and use large fonts so that the user will not go an extra mile of zooming in to read.


Proper Image Optimization

The keywords attached to the images also matter though yes the porn images attract traffic but won’t drive enough adult traffic till they are well optimized. Use descriptions that relate significantly to the keyword. Customers may not find your photos if you have not correctly tuned them with the search engine. From this, you should understand that images alone by themselves cannot drive traffic to your adult website. The photos too must attract the users; you must carefully analyze them in order for you to pick the best and most attractive. The kind of pictures and how you put your photos on the site matters a lot because that is what the users first see.


Long Tail Keyword Use

Use long tail keywords. You should realize that majority of those who visit porn sites are usually very particular in their searches. They don’t just key in “xxx videos”. You should see yourself as a user and think about what a customer will search for when on an adult site. Find the most relevant keywords and use it depending on your website which is why it is essential to use long tail keywords; different people like different things, people’s likings cannot be the same.


Search Engine Optimization

Finally, make sure that you include specific keywords in your metadata, headings and site content. With all these tips above, you will drive enormous traffic to your site and even achieve a higher ranking. You should also make use of the existing successful adult sites by offering to post as a guest. You should then get in touch with them. Inform them about your post and request for a link back to your site. You need to think critically when dealing with adult traffic because of how the industry is saturated; there is too much competition. Apply these tips and see how they will work for you.