Ebooks: The Best E-travel Option

COVID 19 has been going on for a while now. It’s even outlasted some of our Netflix show queues. But that doesn’t mean we have to lower our standards and entertain ourselves with the inferior movies/shows coming off of big industries’ conveyor belts.

We should be living in the best worlds we can find! And the very best worlds can still be visited from the comfort of a reading chair. For those with wanderlust getting restless and tired of staying at home, reading is the most inexpensive and immersive form of travel.

Why Read Books?

In addition to better entertainment, research shows quite a few benefits to regular reading. Some you could easily guess, like increasing vocabulary, reading comprehension, and ability to focus. Those are self-explanatory. But did you know that regular reading also prevents cognitive decline as you get older? Improves your ability to empathize with other people? And that just 30 minutes of reading reduces stress, heart rate and blood pressure as effectively as yoga and humor?

Those are some pretty amazing benefits!

Perhaps some of those reasons are why the UK’s National Health Service began a “Books on Prescription” program, where medical experts prescribe books specifically for certain conditions like depression. Can you imagine doctors proscribing books instead of pills? The books definitely come with less side affects…

Where to Start?

While audiobooks can be an amazing addition to your daily walk, Ebooks are best way to read books in these unprecedented times, while doing your best to stay home. You may find that you like Ebooks better than their print versions -although this is a subject of heated debate among bibliophiles.

Aside from Ebooks’ instant reading access (no more driving to the store, waiting in line, or waiting for shipping), you can neatly highlight and bookmark the book (no more worrying about defacing or marking it), and look-up words with a quick tap on the screen. Did I mention that they’re usually cheaper, and allow you to stay safe and stay home?

I’d check out some of the book lists organized on Goodreads, and peruse the free samples of the titles/covers that catch your attention… much like you would at a normal bookstore. All Goodreads is missing is the wonderful smell of books (which you could buy the candle for and then enjoy from home whenever you want).

Why Stay Home?

COVID 19 cases have been spiking recently. Experts aren’t exactly sure why, but lifting lockdown restrictions, kids returning to school, and so called “super spreaders” have been cited by USA Today.

Not sure what a “super spreader” is? I didn’t either at first. Apparently, a super spreader is an infected individual who can transmit the coronavirus to a large amount of people. Usually this person is in contact with a large enclosed community.

In short: COVID 19 isn’t done with us yet. Some areas of the country are already re-tightening restrictions and shelter in place orders. The more we can do at home, the better.