How to Make Money Trading Forex in 2019!

One of the ways in which you can become rich within a short time is trading Forex. If you can get foreign exchange trading right, you will be able to make a lot of money online. Unfortunately, buying and selling currency online, thereby making huge profits is not that easy as it sounds. In fact, this is one of the online income generation activities with the highest failure rate. According to statistics, 96 percent of traders lose money and then quit. Only 4 percent make it through simply because they used the following tips before jumping into Forex trading:

1. Learn and Master the Basics

When you hear or read a few success stories of those who made it with Forex trading, the temptation to start immediately can be quite overwhelming. That is what prevents many beginners from taking their time to learn and master the fundamentals of this type of trading.

There are endless notes, videos, and webinars available online for anybody who wants to learn and master the basics. While some of these materials are paid, most of them are absolutely free. Take your time to go through them and have the necessary knowledge before jumping into Forex trading. You may need at least three months of consistent study and practice.

2. Select a Legitimate Broker

Another reason why many fail in trading Forex is fake brokers. You will need to sign up with a broker through which you can exchange currencies for profit. Of course, every broker will charge a commission based on their terms and conditions, informed by the market. The problem is that most brokers are scammers who will either present a fake trading tool that promises results, to lure you. Once you sign up with them and deposit money to start trading, they will then come with all manner of excuses to suspend your account and hold on to your money. But even if the software is accurate and has enabled you to make some profit, the phony broker will still freeze your account without letting you withdraw your money anyway.

To avoid falling into the hands of these financial predators, read off-site reviews to find out what other traders had to say about this particular broker you are considering working with. Do not be fooled by on-site reviews and testimonies because those can be influenced by the site owner. Also check if they are licensed and regulated by the relevant authority.

3. Try Different Strategies Until You Get It Right

There are many strategies and indicators that can be used in trading from trend trading and range trading to break out trading and swing trading. However, not every strategy will work out for everyone. A strategy that worked out for somebody else may not work out for you. So, keep trying different strategies until you finally find one that allows you to make money.

4. Patience and Determination

This sounds obvious, but honestly speaking, most beginners are not patient and ready to keep trying no matter the negative outcomes of the first few months. In the early stages of trading, it is likely that you will make losses, but patience and determination are what is going to help you succeed in Forex trading.

Final Thoughts

The reasons why 96 percent of people fail in trading Forex are failure to take the time to learn and master trading fundamentals, selecting a phony broker, and sticking to one strategy that does not work. Lack of patience and determination is also a major factor.