Write and Sell Your First eBook

There has been an increase in the number of published authors and this is due to self-published books and eBooks. Publishing an eBook regardless of the genre is a great way to make some extra money. eBooks will help build your reputation as an author and will help you build up your passive income.


If you are looking to leave your full-time job or what to make some extra income an eBook is a great way to do so.


There are some tips to help you with everything from brainstorming idea to publishing your eBook.

Setting Goals for the First eBook


.1 Objectives. Before you begin thinking about the book take a moment to look at your goals. Are you looking to improve your writing skills or are you looking to replace your income? Your book should be designed to fulfill your goals.


.2 Publishing Goals. You need to set reasonable goals for your eBook, so you can keep up with it every day. Set a date for completion to help keep you motivated.


.3 How you are going to sell the book: Are you self-publishing and do you have a website to sell it on? Are you going to use platforms such as Amazon or get the traditional publishing route? Keep this in mind when writing the book.




.4 Brainstorm the book. Start with a title and think about what others would like to read about.


.5 Make the title. A clear title is very important. This will help keep you organized and allow others to know what your eBook is going to be about. Look for specific words and phrases and try to develop a unique angle on this.


.6 Make an Outline. The content needs to be organized. Develop a layout for the eBook. Decided if you are going to use chapters, steps, themes, or another form.


Writing and Editing


.7 Schedule writing. When writing your first eBook, coming up with an idea make take a lot of time. It is helpful to develop a schedule. You may want to write 1,000 words before going for a walk. This will help keep you on schedule.


.8 Focus. Writing the first eBook is not easy. You should often refer back to your goals and schedule to help you keep up with the writing.


.9 Edit. Once you have completed the rough draft, editing is important. You can edit your eBook on your own or hire a copywriter to do so. Inexpensive copywriters can be found on such as up Upwork or Fiverr. Be sure their book is free from grammatical errors and makes sense when reading it.


Design and Publish


.10 Formatting. It is important to format the eBook, so it can be easily read on several devices. It is best to have it saved as a PDF. If you want your eBook to be sold for the Kindle, you may need to convert it to MOBI or EPUB. There are some sites that will allow a buyer to select the send to Kindle options and it will convert the document for them.


.11 Design the Cover. Look at other books in your niche. Look at the designs and think of a cover that will really stand out.


You can hire a designer to help with your cover. Canva can be a good tool if you are looking to make your own cover. There are some other sites that offer royalty free images that you can use.


.12 Direct Selling. You can use a professional eBook store to sell your book. You can use buttons and widgets to advertise the book as well. You will make 95 percent of the profits. You will be able to interact with your customers and will have their email address for further communication.


Setz is another great online store to sell your eBook. All you need to do is add your book and is to sell. You can even add a widget to your website that will direct people to this store.


.13 Behind the Scenes Look: You need to market your book and build up excitement for the release date. You can show some behind the scenes images of videos when you were writing your book.


.14 Marketing. You need to market your book to keep the sales going. You can promote your book with an email list, Facebook ads, and other promotional offers.


.15 Find your Customers. When trying to sell your book you need to find out where your customers are the most active. You are building a relationship with your customers and interaction is important.


Tips For Selling Your First eBook


.16 Make sure your writing is clear. You need a clear topic with no fluff.


.17 Read and re-read your book. Read over the chapters, title, and content to make sure it Is easy to read. You can also use the Hemingway App.


.18 Edit and proofread your book. Grammarly is a free tool that can help.


.19 Add structure. Egg time will help you time and structure your writing.


.20 Outline. Close based tools such as Evernote can help you outline your eBook.


.21 Tools. Do you need additional resources to help you write your first eBook? We have 23 tools that can help.


The First Steps


It is important to take the initial step to write and publish your eBook. You need to set goals, develop a schedule for writing, organize, design, publish, and market this eBook. Once you have a book completed you can do the same thing over again. The first step is important even before you begin to brainstorm ideas for your eBook.


If you want to directly sell your eBook, you can get a free 14-day trial at Setz. You will join 100,000 entrepreneurs to sell your first eBook. The store has a beautiful e-commerce look as well as buttons and widgets. You can sell your book anywhere from Pinterest to your own personal blog.