5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating eBook

Are you contemplating on creating an ebook as a lead magnet which is to be used in your business? When ebooks are done in the right way, they can help in attracting new customers by ensuring they are giving them essential and useful information. In the information below, you are going to learn concerning various mistakes which you ought to avoid when writing an ebook so that you can not waste your time.

1.    Having No Purpose

You must be aware of whenever you wish to write down an ebook. Besides this, there is a need of contemplating on what its real goal is. There must be an issue in which you are aiming in helping the customers get a solution. There is a need of figuring this out before you even end up sitting down to lay planning in writing the ebook. Otherwise, there is no single person who will be willing to trade their email addresses to exchange for it. When you are stuck on what the ebook should be solving, consider this information.

•    What are the current customers interested in at your site?

•    Asking the customer service team concerning the questions people are always asking.

•    Paying keen attention to the questions social media followers are asking.

These three sources will be important in giving a shortlist of the ebooks topics which will be very useful.

2.    Creating an Idea that Your Audience is Hating

Generating of variety of ideas is the basic step in coming up with the best top to writing your ebook. The following step in contemplating on whether the people you are intending writing to will be interested in the ideas you are writing is important. The best and simple way of being aware of this is taking the ebook topic to shortlist and then:

•    Sending it using your email list and asking people to be indicating a preference.

•    Creating a poll on Facebook or Twitter to have individuals voting for their favorite.

•    Running an option form split test having two different titles and letting the information inform you which one is working.

Once you complete the analysis, you will have come up with an ebook which is winning.

3.    Planning content which is “Me-Too.”

There is no need for writing down an ebook which is identical to the ones already present on offer to the target market. This is the reason as to why it is making sense knowing which free ebooks the people you are competing with are offering as this will act as lead magnets. The best way of working out this is by signing up emails lists. They will help in making sure the ebook you are considering writing has something different for one to offer.

4.    Ignoring the Outline

In case you do not possess an outline, you are lost as you do not know which way you are heading to. Ensure you sacrifice time to creating ebook that is identifying the major points you will wish to cover. This is the way to go through this exercise:

•    Keeping in mind the primary question you want to answer for the readers.

•    Writing down the main points which you will use in answering the question.

•    Putting all the point that is making sense in order.

•    Adding sub-points for every main point.

•    In case you are thinking of conducting additional research, it is the best time of making a note of the stats that will be supporting you.

When you are done with this, there is a necessity of reading through one more time to ensure it is making sense. In case it is making sense, this will be a useful guide at the start you start writing down the ebook. Ensure you are not worrying too much concerning the ebook introduction while still at this stage.

5.    Choosing the Wrong ebook Format

Until recently, PDF ebooks were among the best ways of creating an ebook. They looked the same regardless of the way people were reading them; there are still various ways which can be useful in creating an ebook quickly though the reading behavior is changing a lot. Toy, PDFs are not working for all the people as most people prefer reading PDFs using their cellphones. In these devices, it is tough manipulating PDFs. When using the standard reader, they also end up not looking great at all.