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If you are someone who enjoys spending time on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and you want to earn up to $500 a day, then we have the perfect opportunity available!

These days, businesses from massive chain companies to small local stores are looking to develop a presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you have spent time on these social media sites, you are certain to have run into ‘Fan Pages’ and local business advertisements.

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Garnering a social media presence is a growing and profitable trend for people like you.

In many cases, businesses that are looking to expand on their social media presence are either too busy for it or simply lack the knowledge to do so themselves. The day to day running of a business is time-consuming, and often these businesses do not want to hire someone to manage social media because it is a job that only takes up an hour or two of time a day.

So, what are these businesses doing about this situation?

They are hiring people just like you to manage their social media presence! They are paying people to work from home and perform a variety of social media tasks such as:

  • Creating Twitter profiles and Facebook fan pages
  • Posting status updates and comments on social media
  • Posting about special offers and promotions
  • Engaging with customers and potential customers through social media

We are currently hiring people to do just that! We have positions available for people all over the world. If you are for the perfect opportunity to work from home, please come check out our available jobs and positions!

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